Wednesday, February 11, 2009

No way!

You mean Professional BMXers are normal people, just like us?

Who knew...

Rory Ellis, S&M's (Interestingly (Well, not really) I can't put S&M as a tag because you're not allowed to use &'s. FACT.) wallride machine, has a little edit up. Can click the HD icon and go check it out in HD, but for 2 minute web-edits there's probably no need? Your call I guess.

Madera have made one of the more frightening looking stems of recent times. 9.1oz - que? Unfortunately I just bought a new stem, never mind eh.

In Mark news, I got to ride today without having to wear 5 layers. T-shirt weather in February? Hoot! Similarly, bright sunshine and new spots. Also got to see a couple of hyenas and some hectic birds of prey at London Zoo on the way there, as well as some music-type people's expensive mansions. Camden Lock - who wouldn't.

I'm down in Southampton riding from tomorrow for a few days - the weather's supposed to be good, so people had best be out. No excuses...

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