Wednesday, February 11, 2009

FBM vid

FBM's new trip is being documented online, and here's the first video update from over on ESPN.

In semi-related news, I hadn't noticed that a former editor and a current editor (I think? Can't remember if he quit or not...) of the best BMX magazines out there (Obviously being Ride UK's Mark Noble and Dig's Brian Tunney) are now both writers for EXPN/ESPN. Considering Dig's take on 'big brands' and the past EXPN comps, seems a bit of a change in tune. Still, times change 'n' all that. Anyways, Mark Noble's put out a pretty cool piece called "The Noble Piece Prize" where he talks to Jay Miron about Pivotals and the like. Next up is George French, apparently. Click here to see Jay Miron's ego get gently massaged (Definitely not the level that Gatorade get in this unbiased, neutral piece of BMX journalism) ;-)

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