Monday, December 15, 2008

Top 10 this week.

Same deal as last week, here's a quick Top 10 of things I was into this week. How self-indulgent...

1. The Randy Taylor video below this post. Too good!

2. TheComeUp has had a facelift, which refuses to work with my browser. Downer. Anyway, after some fairly significant battling, managed to get to the Keith Romanowski photo retrospective - click here for that.

3. Sunday have released final photos and specs for the Funday frame, Aaron Ross's signature model. This always sounds stupid when I say it, but whatever - for me, Sunday frames were always really well designed, but they were just... 'boring', I guess. Some cool features, but the same standard geometry as virtually every other frame. The Schwartz threatened to mix it up a bit, but ended up being a Stump post being put in there permanently instead. However, the Funday has some different angles - a lower BB and much shorter chainstays, opening up their market a bit. Fully customisable stickers too, now you can look all pro and have your name on your bike too.

4. Talking of new product, some more Eclat stuff is coming into the shop next week, just in time for Christmas. WeThePeople make awesome parts, so bearing in mind Eclat is WTP's "high end" parts company, that should give you an idea of just how good this stuff is. All good.

5. Hannu Cools footage, all good. Check those trails out!

hannu cools @ mxtrails, belgium from An Overdose Of Awesomeness on Vimeo. (From WTP's site...)

6. Advent Calendars - this should've been at teh start of the month, but the post was slow. This whole point is fairly self-explanatory...

7. Chilled indoor sessions. It's winter - it's allowed. From Streetphire.

Aversion, Jay and Niki Croft Seventies Session from Ollie Wainwright on Vimeo.

8. Eastern's Inside Out video from Philly. Eastern have always been a fairly 'weird' brand - producing high quality completes, but seemingly being fairly under the radar as far as the BMX world goes, save for the NASCAR drama with the Grim Reaper frame. Anyway - they've got a pretty diverse team, and that makes for good videos. Seamus does some cool lines in this vid.

Inside/Out Philly from eastern bikes on Vimeo.

9. Josh Harrington being really good at park riding. Park riders are obviously a pretty large section of the BMX world, yet they seem to be strangely underexposed online, videos wise. Then, when there are videos from park riders, they tend to feature some fairly watered down street footage to try and up their cool points (Not at all refering to a certain section of the Nike video...), so it was cool to see Josh Harrington (Who is legitimately rad at street too, anyway) put out a purely park video:

Go to BNQT for more videos.


10. In videos, it's customary to have the 'banger' as the last clip. The biggest trick, the best thing, etc. - similarly, this new Deadline video qualifies as the banger for this post - Garrett Reynolds is nuts.

THE DEADLINE VIDEO from Cory Asraf on Vimeo.

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