Tuesday, December 09, 2008

More unsurprising video content.

First up, a guy called Nicky B talking about riding and life. People who don't really like riding with new-comers always seem a bit 'weird' to me, but I guess living next to Southbank you just kinda get used to it. Plus more people = more people to go ride street with, which generally means a good time, but I guess it might be different over there...

I first saw Kym Grosser ride in Shook's Put In Werk (I think... An old Shook anyway) vid, and wasn't hugely into his riding. However, then I saw Brighton Ain't Ready (which is good, go buy it! 2.5% off everything too thanks to Gordon Brown trying to dig upwards...) and realised he's actually Got Skills™. Liam Fahy-Hampton is also one to watch too, which anyone who's seen his Run At Me Slut section would testify too, so combine those two and you've got a cool little video:

Kym Grosser and Liam Fahy-Hampton from MACNEIL BMX on Vimeo.

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