Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Wizard of Aus - Las Vegas NORA Cup Party 2012 - Episode 12

Corey Bohan, heads to Las Vegas for the 2012 Number One Rider Awards party- NORA Cup is voted by fellow pro riders, making this the most prestigious award a BMX rider can get.

The big focus of the night was Brett Banasiewicz- to donate on Brett's behalf, go to http://athleterecoveryfund.com

After winning his 5th consecutive NORA Cup, Garrett Reynolds gives Corey some advice on what he thinks the fellow 5 time NORA Cup winner should be focusing on. 

Highlighted by the Venice Beach ASA Triples contest- Corey talks about the state of BMX contests in 2012, the massive. amount of rider progression, and the lack of contest options for the riders.

Then it's back to Riverside for a TV commercial with Corey's new sponsor- Ion- and an impromptu riding session with Anthony Napolitan, TJ Ellis, and Heath Pinter.

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