Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Federal - Frankfurt, Germany edit

Federal Bikes have one badass street team now days and now they have also added Stevie Churchill?! I'm sure they'll be a mental welcome edit up soon but for now I'll leave you with this insane edit.


Federal BMX - Frankfurt from Federal BMX on Vimeo.

Federal's recent trip to Frankfurt saw newest team member Tammy Mccarley make his debut for the team, only to get broke off a few days in. Fortunately Tammy has some skills behind the lens and spent the remaining days helping to capture what went down. Featuring Dan Lacey, Mark Love, Bruno Hoffmann, Michal Šmelko, Jared Washington, Ollie Evans and Tammy Mccarley.

Filmed by: Charlie Jobling and Tammy Mccarley
Edited by: Edd Allen
Music: 'Trippin' by Zion I, 'Almost Cut Hair' by Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young and 'Promised Land' by Edan


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