Monday, July 09, 2012

Pijin at NASS 2012

So NASS was a rain fest filled with gypsies and underage girls doing stuff that they shouldn't be doing... But Sum 41 were playing and my main man Jon Root was riding so of course I wasn't going to miss out! NASS is always 

Big Daddy sent a Flip out of the pole-jam 

Ginge was getting his filming done! Ha ha 

Issac Lesser sending a foot jam tailwhip  

Jon Root with a big 360 old school no-hander  

Jon Root getting ready for his run 

360 table over the box 

Of course he did a footjam! 

Cruising with a flair straight to 26th place!

 Matt Preist, style for milles

Sum 41 were awesome! 


The Bone said...

So much jail bait. So many peckers...

Unknown said...

Ha ha yeah man! I would like to see the pregnancy count after the weekend : )