Monday, April 23, 2012

Geoff Slattery: Rolling With The Punches

Geoff Slattery in my opinion is one of the most amazing riders out there and this edit doesn't do him any justice but I'm sure it'll impress you either way! And if it doesn't you should really have a word with your self.

The Albion's Steve Bancroft cooked up a plan for an article involving some portable transitions made by Rob Ridge, a van, some tools, Portugal & Geoff Slattery. These ingredients would hopefully result in making spots out of nothing at some epic locations.

You'll find out that is didn't all go quite to plan by reading the full article in Albion #7, 30ft gaps, black eyes and curses were only the start, but Geoff's spirit turned what could have been a long and painful exercise into something quite unique. This video has footage from all the photos and behind the scenes action showing what it took to get that magazine article done.

'It's been one of those weeks for me, you have those weeks where nothing goes right, where there's nothing you can do but roll with the punches' - Geoff Slattery

The Albion Download for your computer here: More Geoff here: Credit: United/Channel 4Down

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