Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Bike Hall contest 2012. By 34R - BMX COMPANY

Get ready for this!


Hi everyone,
we would like to invite and inform you about incoming 8th BMX contest - Bike Hall Contest 2012 in Trutnov, Czech Republic. See bellow for more details. Bike Hall Contest no.8 - 2012 date : 26 - 28. April 2012 place: Czech Republic - Trutnov For 8th time Trutnov winter stadium gates will be opened at the legendary Bike Hall Contest. One of the biggest BMX and MTB contest in the Czech Republic, a week earlier this year. 26 - 28. April 2012. Two days full of adrenaline, fun, tension, work-shops, shopping booths and great after-party. New for this year is competiton in Flatland and Street Jam. Flatland contest will be directed by PRO Dominic Nekolny You can also look forward to first Stereo Street Jam, which will be in front of winter stadium. Program : Thursday is traditionally reserved for the free practice of competitors in all categories. On Friday there will be qualification for BMX pro, BMX amateur, MTB and flatland. On Saturday, we can all look forward to the grand final of all categories, which will begin at 13:00.

Comfirmed Czech pro riders: Ondra Slez, Michal Beran, Zdenda Pesek, Dominik Nekolny,Vilibald Vitek, Erik Figar, Tomas Kudrnac, Pavel Caha ... Comfirmed International riders: Daniel Dhers (VEN) Daniel Sandoval (USA) Jason Phelan (IR) Nicoli Rogatkin (USA) Josh Cox (UK) Lesser Isaac (UK) Bjorn Mager Bommel (D) Daniel Tünte (D) Ttefan Pauli (D) Andres Lainevool (Estonia) Kronbergs Victors (Latvia) Dawid Godziek (PL) Senad Grosic (A) Nicky VanDerVeen (NL) Bobo Ujvari (HU)

Speakers contest : Peter Navy Navara and Kamil Feifer

Design course : Ondra Šléz, Pavel Hyvnar, Kamil Feifer

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