Friday, June 10, 2011


So, Ben Lewis. Dayum. This video's been floating around on many people's Facebook pages today, a pretty ridiculous Baker's Dozen. I haven't really been that into some of the ones so far, but this one was awesome throughout. Give it a watch, some pretty different, creative and more importantly new stuff in there.

Speaking of, you could also use all of those adjectives to summarise Shane Weston, who's now on Eclat pro.

Lastly, BSD got awesome in Austin - Kriss Kyle appears to be pretty handy with the ol' rails these days?

Something that isn't 'new' is Will Jackson's sponsorship on WTP, although this trailer for his new video is...

This is also new, at least to me/the internet - Greg D'amico is a name I've heard of before but couldn't really remember seeing his riding. This is pretty sweet though. I sort of really want to try jumping through a swing now.


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