Thursday, April 21, 2011

Back in the game?

Well, sort of. Long distance trips each weekend are taking their toll. I do, however, still get a chance to watch BMX videos once in a while...

I hadn't seen any footage of Josh Harrington for pretty much forever until just now - his "April 2011" video's been pretty popular it seems, and with good reason. Brakes are off, over-pegs are on.

How come our security guards don't look like this? I mean, I could take or leave the gun aspect of things, but still...

That was shot by Rich Forne for Props - just a behind the scenes thing, so it'll be interesting to see the result...

Nike have money, and they aren't afraid to spend that money. This is how we end up with trailers like this one, for The Pool.

This is getting on a bit now, but Steve Churchill is a beast as this Demolition vid proves.

Shane Weston is one creative dude, which I highly approve of.

After a bit of a chat with Hman on Facebook the other night I had a lurk on Streetphire, where I saw this Unit 23 'spot check' by Dave Sowerby. The man can do no wrong, best edits! I mean I'm no fan of park edits, but this is awesome.

Kink put up this edit of the 'Best of' the Kink House as well as some unseen clips. The whole Kink team rule, so even though this is slightly older, largely re-used footage it's still boss.

Garrett Reeves is a beast. This is just 60secs of his riding - I'd urge you to check out his Football section (click his tag) to check that out too. So good.

Lastly - Fit put up this Trippin' edit to show they're bouncing back from that whole Cult thing. Some radness in this. Van Homan is still one burly dude even after bonking his head.

That video was documented in photographic form by Banners for the Albion (which has by now sold out. I snooze, I lose.). You can check out a little interview with Stew "Anthem" Johnson here about it too.

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