Monday, August 14, 2006

Shirley Warren Jam Sunday 20th August

Hmm... been lazy on the blog updates again. Didn't know what to write. Slosh suggested writing one titled "Slosh kills Emerald Weapon!"... I might write that one later... keep checking back!

So what's happening this week then? Here goes...

The annual Shirley Warren Jam is happening this Sunday. Good luck to everyone entering! You might even win a prize donated by us. :) Haven't decided what to give yet though...

We're in the process of building 2 Pijin custom bikes at the moment. One is a high end money doesn't matter bike and the other is gonna be a bit more affordable. Been arguing with Carlos and James about what parts to put on... in the end, we had to resort to pulling votes out of a hat. Pictures coming soon once we've managed to build them up!


Anonymous said...

Yeah come down check it out always good, DJ, Refreshments, Toilets, Burger Van, Much More!

Anonymous said...

wow slosh killed the weapons??
he must be such a FF7 god !!
i wana be as good as him