Saturday, August 26, 2006

Pijin website back online!

Our website has been down for over a week now. Just to reassure everyone that Pijin is alive and well. I've just not had time to fix it as I've been tied down with my other job. Anyways, the problem was due to a faulty router to our server... A nice girlie gave me a brand spanking new one for free this morning which I got promptly installed and running - so everything is working again. Yay!

THQ websiteHave spent the last 6 months away from Pijin (during weekdays) but I should be returning back in October. Been helping with a new website for THQ Games which went live yesterday! Just a few more bits to do and I will be a free man again! No more long days looking at the computer screen... just building bikes and wheels. Bliss! :)

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