Thursday, March 02, 2006

Slosh's hidden talent

I was away from Pijin HQ for most of the day... having to spend most of the morning with the accountant, seeing the shopping centre manager about rent (argh! it's gone up!) and finally a bank manager trying to save me some money (do they really exist or am I imagining things)?

Carlos was left in charge and got pretty stressed. Having to answer the phone, serve the customers in the shop and try to build 4 wheels before the end of the day!

Lucky Slosh was around to help. He's discovered his potential of being a warehouse packer at last. If you ordered from us today, chances are that it had been lovingly wrapped up and sent out by Slosh!


Anonymous said...

woah i orderd from pijin on thursday
it was well good packaging!!
slosh is soo kool

Anonymous said...

Slosh, you're amazing! Thanks for the parcel!

Anonymous said...

well done mr slosh luv ya from tom xxxxxx :D

*sam-smith* (slosh's bitch) said...
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*sam-smith* (slosh's bitch) said...

i love slosh and want him to pack my box

Anonymous said...

Sloshua can do my package any day