Sunday, March 19, 2006

Saturday lunges

Charlie popped by for a visit to get some new bars. Bought along his newly built up Kink Freebird pimped out with lots of ti parts. Had us all dribbling! (over the bike and not Charlie)

Slosh dropped by to teach Pretty Joe how to lunge. Aparently, it's the pose that gets all the girls! What do you reckon?

And finally, Carlos joins the tight jean brigade. Looks like fashion has got the better of him. He ain't running no knee pads under those Levi's....


Anonymous said...

oh, so no mention of me then!
tut tut carlos, i never thought youd follow that trend!

Anonymous said...

alrite lads its dave who works at shakeaway i should have a bike by second week of april.but im gunna have to get a few bits of you guys.