Monday, November 25, 2013

Welcome to DK: Mike Varga

Effraim was telling me all about this dude on Saturday (with his loved up eyes that normally only Drew B. gives him)... But I must say shortly after pressing the play button on this edit I could see where all that love came from! I've never heard of Mike Varga but I am more than certain that we will all be seeing/hearing about him a lot more from now on.

Talented isn't the word...

Welcome to DK: Mike Varga from DK Bicycle Company on Vimeo.
We got a call from Drew Bezanson saying "Hey, I think Mike Varga should be on the team." So we said ok, lets catch up with Mike and see what he's up to. POW! Thats what he's doing. Throwing crazy bangers left and right. He's an amazing rider with a great attitude. So we decided that there was no better day than today (Mike's birthday!) that we would give him a warm welcome to the DK team!

Welcome Mike- we're glad to have you!

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