Thursday, November 07, 2013

Red Bull - Video: Rock Park

The stone cliffs of Gozo provide a natural skatepark for Sergio Layos, Ben Hennon and Liam Eltham. On the small island of Gozo, in the Mediterranean, exists a freak of nature. Thousands of years of erosion have carved a landscape of cliffs into a natural and ancient skatepark.

An area of rideable sandstone cliffs is isolated to a one-mile stretch of coastline, first found by local riders from the neighbouring island of Malta.

Miles from the nearest city, Hennon, Lima and Sergio camp out on the hard rock surface by the ocean to ride the very unique spot for a full day under the baking sun.

Here's the video of Hennon, Lima and Sergio at the Rock Park, filmed and edited by Will Evans.

View the photo story from the shoot here.

Credit: Red Bull

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