Monday, March 25, 2013

Mark Webb - Webbie Show 2

Mark Webb has done it again! Another great edit filled with bangers... You must watch closely at the ender! Is it a Flair to Front Flip or is it a Duble Flair? There is a whole debate on good old facebook, either way you'll be impressed with the level of riding.

The Webbie Show 2, no exotic locations, no budget, just a whole lot of determination mixed in with tons of creativity. During filming Mark suffered a few injuries and set backs and at times it seemed he was not going to finish it. He was under a lot of pressure after setting the bar so high on the original Webbie Show in January 2012, but i think you will agree he did a great job this time around.
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Enjoy the show.

Big thanks to JC Pieri for his great filming and editing, he really is the best out there and had some crazy late nights.
Filmed & edited by JC Pieri Visual

Additional filming- @ripenny

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