Friday, March 22, 2013

How to: Annoy scooters with Harry Main

First I would like to say that I hope that Harry doesn't take this edit seriously and that to all Scooter kids out there, THERE SHOULDN'T EVER BE A HATE BETWEEN RIDERS AND PEOPLE THAT GO TO SKATEPARKS TO ENJOY THEIR SELFS WITH FRIENDS, WE ARE NOT FOOTBALL FANS!
And to the bitter adults that dislike scooter kids beyond understanding I would have to say that we were all once that kid that was not aware of skatepark ethical values. Hope you enjoy this little joke for what it is a JOKE.

Oh and Darren, you and Bruton have just gone up on my books!!! hahahaha.


In this parody 'How to', Harry Main talks you through dealing with annoying, snakey, little scooterers while you're out trying to ride.
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THIS IS NOT SERIOUS: A lot of people hating on this, which to those peoples' disappointment, we find fun to read through and see how seriously people take the video. Were just out having fun on bikes, and you should be too. You can clearly see before viewing the video via the thumbnail, that this is not actually harry main.

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