Thursday, December 13, 2012

Mike Gray - Joyride 150

I am very impressed by this kid, he goes big, doesn't have those silly mouth guards, doesn't seem to do an excise amount of footjams (if any at all on this edit) and I can see a bit of Dennis Enarson and Drew B. combined in his riding which is never a bad sign!

With a weeks full of filming at Joyride 150 local Mike Gray puts in a ton of work! Surrounded by all the homies everybody was throwing down.

Riders: Mike Gray, Brandon Webster, Pj Cavaliere, Eric Favot, Kwabena Karikari, Corey Walsh, Bryan Sciuk.

Filmed/Edited: Justin Browne

Song: "Jay Z - Feelin' It" (Instrumental)

Diamondback BMX
Index Ink
Freegun Underwear

Big thanks to everyone at Joyride 150 as well for all the early mornings and late nights!

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