Thursday, September 13, 2012

Scotty Cranmer Alli Show BMX At Home In New Jersey

Scotty Cranmer is a New Jersey native with deep roots in BMX stemming from his earliest days at the local shop, SC Action Sports, where he bought his first "real" BMX bike -- now he and his family own and operate the shop. Fully equipped with a fireman pole from the second floor down and a bowl in the place of his living room, Cranmer still lives in New Jersey at his new home that he had built out to fit his lifestyle. Between his own backyard ramp setup and his fathers skate and BMX park, The Incline Club, Cranmer has all the outlets necessary to practice and perfect his explosive style. Take a ride with Scotty Cranmer through New Jersey, his family owned BMX shops, his house and find out what it's like to live like Cranmer in this Alli Show.

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