Wednesday, September 12, 2012

PLAY 2012 Video #1- Wedge Section

Kyle Baldock, Alex Coleborn, Devon Smillie, Daniel Dhers, Andy Buckworth, Kriss Kyle, Rob Darden, Dan Foley, Trey Jones, Alessandro Barbero, Erik Elstran, and Tyler Fernengel throw down unbelievable riding on the wedge section of Mike Spinner's backyard skatepark in the first video from the 2012 PLAY Contest.

PLAY 2012 Video #1- Wedge Section - More BMX Videos

CONTEST FORMAT The ramp is divided into four sections - the wedge section, the driveway section, the spine/box section, and an "overall" section. Riders took two thirty second runs on each section, keeping the highest of their two scores. Also, the section in which the rider placed the lowest would be dropped from their overall score.

1. Kyle Baldock
2. Andy Buckworth
3. Alex Coleborn

Wedge Section - Devon Smillie
Driveway Section - Andy Buckworth
Spine/Box Section - Andy Buckworth
Best Trick - Tyler Fernengel

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