Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Pijin @ Empire Of Dirt 2012

Nothing like a boyband photo! Featuring Greg Childs, my self and Jon (the tower) Root

Greg Eating the pizza that he later threw up!
And of course Matt Watson loving the doughnuts

One of my favourite riders (Corey Bohan) sending a Super-Man over the box

Stunt man Alistair Whitton and a Flip Turndown

3rd Place rider Drew B. with a super stylish 360 Lookback

And last but not least Mr Sergio Layos holding a big Tuck No-Hander

The whole weekend was awesome and we couldn't thanks 4down distribution enough for the hook up!
If you weren't there then the least you can do is get your butt to the next Red Bull event simply because no videos that you watch will do this course any justice. 

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