Thursday, September 15, 2011

Interbike 2011 Vegas

Its that time of the year again where people get a chance to show off new products and we get a peak of what is coming.
I must admit that there wasn't much that was that caught my attention and instead of bombarding you guys with a load of photos, useless info or just opinions that might put anybody on the spot I'll just show you things that I thought were cool

Shadow Knee and Shin Guards

Shadow Seat & Post combo

Shadow Captive Forks

Shadow Tool Kit

Alienation Welded LTD Rims

KHE with what look like a much nicer version of what was the bean can gyro
Fit Bike Co. Fat Pivotal Seat

Lay back seat post that has been out but for little while but worth posting

Now with this Subrosa Bars I was very impressed with check out the badge!

And finally The Make with 2 sweet simple looking stems you can't go wrong

You can check the rest of the Interbike products over BMXUNION or Transworld BMX.

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