Tuesday, September 20, 2011

April/May Nike 6.0 Shoes

The Nike 6.0 area rep came in today to show us the 2012 April/May shoes. Most shoes were just same old to be honest, with some new colour ways but he did show us a shoe that I thought will impress a lot of people and that is the Mav 3! I took some quick pictures but pictures don't really do the shoe justice, see for your selfs bellow or you'll have to wait until April

Pijin's April/May Nike Action Sports Shoes

The Mav 3 in a much nicer/grown-up version on two out of the 3 Colour ways

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Gonz said...

from what little i can see the sole on those Mav 3 shoes looks like that of the SB Koston, which should be good... lunarlite sole and all that...