Monday, November 28, 2011

3 Years Of Flatmatters

Our homie Effraim Catlow posted this sweet edit earlier today and had some words to say about the 3 years of Flatmatters. Congrats man!

It’s crazy how time flies, three years of flatmatters today! A lot has changed for me in those three years, back when I started flatmatters, the site was attempt to keep up with the daily goings on in flatland, to provide motivation to all the riders out there worldwide. I remember thinking one day, theres not much online flatland wise on a day to day basis, it’s time to do something rather than bitch about it!
Nowadays I’m proud to say I feel I have contributed in some way towards modern day flatland, and give people somewhere they know they can visit and see daily updates, some times when your so close to something, it doesn’t seem great, but what is great is that there a new videos, and news about flatland almost daily, I guess it comes down to aesthetics, you like some things, you dislike others. But I try to present them in the hope they motivate someone out there.

Hope you enjoy the special anniversary edit!


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