Monday, April 02, 2007

Street Joel on 4Down UK Shop Team

So many people have the same names, it becomes very confusing. Hence at Pijin we prefix most peoples names with something more descriptive to try and reduce confusion. For example, the ones that spring to mind include 'Pretty' Joe, 'Farmer' Dan, 'Angry' Scott, 'Bone' Dave - all highly descriptive (except for 'Bone' perhaps - I still haven't figured out what that means)...

Well, the subject of this blog entry is about a certain Joel, prefix 'Street'. Yep, chances are you've probably bumped into 'Street' Joel if you've ever ridden Southampton street regularly. You might even have seen him riding with the DISSRM crew (at and not to be confused with the other Joel on there...).

Anyways, I'm still not entirely sure of the details... but the guys at 4Down Distribution called us the other day to let us know that they'd like Joel on their UK Shop Team to represent Fit and Animal! Now that is pretty awesome news! Keep an eye out for Joel on the streets of Southampton on his new Fited frame!

[Pic borrowed without permission from DISSRM blog!]

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