Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Colony Bloody Oath Frame

You're in for one hell of a good Summer if you're looking for a new frame. Theres so much stuff coming out from so many companys. Colony's offering is the new Bloody Oath frame, which should be hitting the shops around July/August time.

So, what's special about this frame? The fact that it weighs only 4lbs will be more than enough to give all you weight freaks out there sweaty palms! How is this possible? Apparently, Colony are using some new kind of tubing which allows for a significant reduction in weight. Best to keep your eye on their website for further announcements. I just heard it all from Steve B at Shindig!

Retail price will be around £275 so better start saving the pennies!

Pijin is able to get it's own exclusive colour for the Bloody Oath. Maybe a 2 tone raw and orange finish? Or maybe something else? Give me some ideas please!

Also, new Colony Pivotal seats...

And finally, Shindig has managed to get hold of 50 of the new Colony brake levers (the light weight levers on display at Interbike). This is apparently part of a pre-production run for the top of the range Mirraco bike. No price yet, but one thing is for sure, they're gonna be expensive!


Anonymous said...

please pijin get some of them leavers

Anonymous said...

go for pijin orange all the way =]

no two tone