Monday, March 05, 2007

Birthdays, birthdays and more birthdays...

Pretty manic week at Pijin. Seems like I've just about seen everybody come into the shop these last few days. Must be a combination of the following :
  • bad weather (let's go shopping rather than riding!)
  • end of the month (pay day!)
  • massive sale (silly frame prices!)
Was good to see all the Wickham lads about. Been busy building the new 12 bore trails (go add them on myspace which are looking a bit good. All got very drunk apparently celebrating Netley's birthday last night! Alex and Will had just got tatooed up by Castle... Pictures below...

Wickham Willy Tat
Wickham Alex Tat

Lots of birthdays this month. Bonedave will be celebrating his by holding a private session at Motion next week. Slosh and J.P. share the same birthday which will be towards the end of the month. Happy Birthday guys!

And it was Dangerous Dave's birthday today too...

Totton Kids

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