Sunday, January 14, 2007

A girl on a BMX?!

How many girl riders do you know? How many girl riders do you see down your local skate park? Hmm... do they even exist? It was quite a surprise when we had one pop into the shop today!

I can still remember when Debs came in to get a bike from us last year... She came in with James (Bruza) and I got the impression that she got bullied into buying a bike. I thought she'd just get it, ride it around for a little bit, then get bored, then regret having spent so much money on it. I guess I should eat my words!

You get a lot of perks when you're a girl on a bike. Most of the parts she had were given to her for free! I bet that would never happen if she was of the opposite sex. She even had a set of Fly Ruben pedals given to her by some Australian rider!

The Basingstoke boys look on as they bully Debs into buying new bars, stem, cable, seat clamp and frame for her bike. She only wanted a stem!

Debs on her new beast!

And finally, Debs, please remember :
Don't let the Bruzas near your new bike!

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