Sunday, May 28, 2006

Questions & Answers

Hello all. It's been a long time since the last blog! Been a combination of laziness and absence from the shop...

First off, let's clear a few questions which I've been asked over and over and over and over and over again in the last few weeks. Hopefully I won't have to answer them again!

Question : Have you left Pijin?
Answer : No, I have not. Why would I ever do that?! For now, I just don't work during week days anymore, only on weekends. Week days are spent working on a new website for THQ (who make video games). Once that is done, I will be back!

Question : Who's that girl who's always in the shop?
Answer : Her name is Flo. She helped out for a few hours one day when we were short staffed (and became Pijin's first female member of staff!). Since then, she's become a bit of a squatter and now we can't get rid of her – she scares me!

Question : When are you going to post another blog entry?
Answer : I'm writing it now...

Question : Can I have a job?
Answer : Yes, but only if you're prettier than Joe, can drink more beer than J.P, wear tighter T-shirts than Carlos, are more meticulous at tidying than James, not ask for loans like Dave and be a bigger MySpace addict than Flo. [Translation – pretty unlikely!]

Question : Can I be on the team?
Answer : Yes, but only if you're more annoying than Jake, have a bigger afro than Carlos and have more girly fans than Slosh. And being able to ride a bike helps too... [Translation – it’s possible!]

[Definition - Squatter - Person illegally occupying someone else's property; for example, some of the urban homeless in contemporary Britain making use of vacant houses. Squatters commit a criminal offence if they take over property where there is a 'residential occupier'; for example, by moving in while the owner is on holiday.]


Anonymous said...

thats funny lol
slosh is ace
*this isnt slosh*

Anonymous said...

About the job? i qualify for all the things you require! haha