Sunday, April 23, 2006

Pijin Team Pose

Slosh's angle grinded dropoutsSaturday morning and the shop is crowded with all the Totton locals... Everyone seems to want to leave their bikes in the shop while they go for a wander around town. I should rent out the shop next door and charge people to leave their bikes. If I charged 20p per bike per hour, I'd be a millionaire after 6 months! :)

Slosh came by to show off his handy work on his Phoenix frame with an angle grinder. He's managed to chop the end of his dropouts off. Trendy boy!

Managed to get a rare photo of the Pijin team all in the shop at the same time. Good riders but not very photogenic. Will have to get them to work on their poses!

Pijin team pose   Will's private parts, and Flo getting her Myspace fix

The counter got raided by the now dreadless Will, who was all too eager to show off his private parts. Here's a sneak preview... the rest of the 86 picture photoset will be available when I get the new Pijin XXX pay site running. (And that's Flo next to him getting her daily Myspace fix on the shop computer!)


some hot girl said...

slosh is well hott

emotional girl said...

will slosh be doing a photoset any time soon? i can't wait!

Anonymous said...

fat girl said........
slosh its ur mum its dinner time

some emo guy said...

slosh is a fitty! i want his number