Monday, September 23, 2013

Vital BMX at Interbike 2013

This is possibly the closest that I'm ever going to get to Interbike... But at least Vital have got things dialled! 
Now these are the brands that stood out to me, I will not be posting every brand simply because they didn't make an impact on me but that should mean nothing to the rest of the bmx community.

Primo at Interbike 2013

Primo at Interbike 2013 - More BMX Videos

I was actually impressed by the cranks from this edit but I'm not too sure about those invest cast forks? With those sweet weld marks by the drop-outs that lead me to think that they aren't...
And also they could of spoken about their Coaster a bit more in detail.
Sprocket looks good for a budget though and I like the simple idea behind a VS Rim without the white stickers, I've built a few of those rims for Ben Wallace and they are more than good enough for him and also they are very easy to build as the welds are normally real clean.

Mutant at Interbike 2013

Mutant at Interbike 2013 - More BMX Videos

I don't have much negative stuff to say about Mutant Bikes at all and it's normally not my sort of brand but I like this edit, check them out! They will be bringing out some interesting stuff.

Lotek at Interbike 2013

Lotek at Interbike 2013 - More BMX Videos

I'm not trying to make enemies but Lotek have just ripped off Vans big time and it may as well be official.

Cult at Interbike 2013

Cult at Interbike 2013 - More BMX Videos

I WILL take my hat of to Cult for improving something that needed to be improved. I'm excited to see this hub in the flesh!

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