Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Hanging Foul - Good Morning, Guadalajara! Dirt Conquers BMX - Ep 2

Every time I see the name "Corey Bohan" I feel a little bit of hate and jealousy inside. But really I just wished that I had his life, bike control and girlfriend...
And because I know that it won't happen any time soon so I'll just stick to my bitter attitude haha.
Just watch episode 2 already...

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Double Backflips, Triple tail-whips, beautiful scenery and Montezuma's revenge are all part of the story in sunny Guadalajara.

Check out some exclusive behind the scenes and never before seen contest footage of the first ever "Red Bull Dirt Conquers" contest in this episode of Hanging Foul.

Dave King and his crew of master dirt artisans created the first ever BMX Dirt Park course in the birthplace of tequila. Corey is joined by the top riders in BMX: Ryan Nyquist, Mike "Hucker" Clark, Chris Doyle, Ryan Guettler and many more, all riding in a one of kind jam contest format where nothing is held back.

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