Tuesday, October 04, 2011

The Albion Issue 4

We are probably the last shop in the country to get this but better late than never right?

Issue 4: Tanner-models, money and plumbing.
Hell on Wheels 2 with Jeff Stewart, on the road with his dog and a hippie from New Milton.
Andy Jenkins and Windy Osborn art and Photography and “those” magazines.
Jamie Bestwick Interview- Life without Cloughie and Taylor in PA and his Dad being wrong. Don’t worry things could be worse.
Tom Blyth interview By Olly-Fbm, the Jad connection and the “Heavy Metal Lounge…”
Jambul by Christopher Robin-Loved up, stabbed up and coming up.
Castillo-the quiet man cometh… with words.
Edwin DLR by Benson in NYC – why do i need an agent?
And all the usual stuff you come to expect that we fail to deliver

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