Wednesday, February 14, 2007

New Superstar stuff

Had a massive order of Superstar frames come in today. Nearly broke my back shifting 70+ frames from the delivery yard to our store room. Ooooww... Better save up for that fork lift truck!

I was initally very sceptical about getting the new Superstar New Deal frame in stock cos I'd seen pictures of it and it looked pretty ugly. I was pleasantly surprised after Bone Dave pulled one out of the box. This is one of those frames that looks so much better in real life. The laquered raw finish is so well done. Run your fingers over the tubes and you immediately notice the big Superstar decals. How can you not miss them? They're made out of grip tape!

There are probably 2 striking features about this frame.

First is how small the dropouts are. They are 4mm thick and the bottom section is just so thin! Designed for pegless use aparently. Small and sexy.

The second is the integrated seat clamp. It's actually quite clever. Just 2 wedges held together by a bolt that sits in a big hole in the top tube. It's so strange to see one of these on a BMX as they are made by Strawberry Bicycles who are based in the U.S. and make road bikes! The advantage of this clamp is if you mess the thread up, you can just replace the wedges and not have to throw away the frame. Nice touches include rubber seals to prevent water getting into your frame through the gap between the wedge and the frame.

Yep, in my eyes a very sexy frame indeed with a lot of individuality. I'm not just saying that because I want it to sell (but it would be nice!). You really have to come and see one of these in the flesh to make your own mind up. The pictures don't do it justice.

Still got the new Superstar Light My Fire frame to look at. Didn't get a chance to take those out of their boxes today, but will have a look tomorrow and maybe report on those later?

With all these new frames, what about the older frames? We have some amazing deals... 2006 Superstar Parkinson and 2006 Superstar Treets frames go on sale for an amazing low price of £95 (yes, that number really has only got 2 digits)! These should be on our website sometime tomorrow, so if you want one of these bargains, you better grab one while you can!

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