Thursday, November 02, 2006

Happy 2nd Birthday!

IMGP3217Time flies when you're enjoying yourself. Has it really been 2 years? I still remember when we first started out with a completely empty shop. Took me and Dave a whole month to do the shop fitting! We had like 2 frames (ah yes, I remember them so well - a Proper Proclaimer and an Eastern) and 5 sets of handlebars... and a few other bits and bobs... had to spread it all out on the wall to make it not look so empty. When we finally opened, we sold next to nothing in our first 2 months... I spent all my time looking out the window at all the girls people walking past (I have a pretty good view!).

Things have changed a bit since then. We've gained a few more staff and we even have a team (kind of). Yep, we have arguments and annoy each other every now and again but hey, Pijin is like family!

If you're reading this then you (yes, YOU) have probably helped us out in one way or another. Thanks for your suport!

Yep, Pijin is now 2 years old and is here to stay! Let the good times roll. :)

John xxx

Birthday bash pics :


Anonymous said...

i love john pang forver.

Anonymous said...

congratulations on your two years...some of the pics look a bit gay but you can pull it off cos Pijin is such agreat shop....hope you're around for a long while...

Anonymous said...

wooo pijin :)

Anonymous said...

great way to celebrate carlos