Friday, September 15, 2006

Slosh wins 2 - 1

Slosh 0 - 0 Lonely Girl
Ok, posted 2 videos in the last blog entry, both hosted on You Tube. It's been 2 days now...

Slosh 1 - 0 Lonely Girl
All of you loved Slosh, but mixed reactions on Lonely Girl. [I personally can't decide who I like more?]

Slosh 1 - 1 Lonely Girl
Slosh loses on hits. Slosh video has been up 2 days and been viewed 474 times. Not bad going, eh? Lonely Girl wins by a tiny margin - 709,784 views in 4 days.

Slosh 2 - 1 Lonely Girl
Lots of controversy regarding the authenticity of the videos. After posting over 30 videos in 3 months, Lonely girl finally confesses she is fake on the Jay Leno Show [and I actually believed she was real! Wot a mug?!]. I can vouch that Slosh is real though. Yes, I've actually touched him in real life [once]. But I've never actually seen him do a hop whip in the flesh... hmm...

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