Sunday, July 02, 2006

Sprite Urban Games 2006

32°C at the Sprite Urban Games on Clapham Common. Sat in the blaring sun watching the Pro Street Comp early afternoon. Now I know what a sun ripened tomato feels like!

Left the SLR camera at home this year so no good photos to show... the little pocket digital camera wasn't really up to the job so I really didn't take many pics at all. It's no fun seeing all the action through a view finder!

Riding was absolutely amazing this year! Flip-whips, flairs, 720s, 360 double whips, front flips, double whip taps... big tricks, big style... it was all there somewhere today. Can't really describe what happened... my words just wouldn't do justice to the riding. You just had to be there!

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Anonymous said...

What you can't see in the collage is the guy in the ice-cream van is on his mobile....Mind that child!! ha ha