Sunday, July 22, 2007

Read this, do that, watch this...


If you've got any sense, you'll have watched the V-Club Overexposed DVD by now, and realised how awesome they are/it is. Well, to make themselves even awesomer, V-Club have released a new HD web video. Imagine the same great editing, but with sharper camerawork and better riding. Cha-ching? It's a 2-parter, so make a tea or get a cold shower ready for when you've finished watching it...


Oh, and if memory serves, there's still a boat-load of V-Club T's in loads of sizes (S, and M...), and loads of colours on the super, fantastic, keeping-Mark-in-clean-clothes "Pijin £10 T-shirt and £25 Hoodie sale". Last time I was in there was a V-Club hoodie or 2, too. Get involved!

The Source have also released a trailer for their DVD, Deal With It. Go get it.

Lastly, if you beetle on over to Mutiny's site, they have all their '07 summer product up, including such wonderments as the Glam Bars. Yes please!

P.S. If you wanna win a Bicycle Union backpack, head over to 4-down's site to answer the easy question to get in with a chance to win the bag. Don't expect a super fast answer from Dean 'cos he's out on the road with more big hitters than your average plant hire company, touring London and Paris with the UK riders for the companies 4-down distro's. DISSRM's own Joel Nicholls has been out there destroying both himself and spots around London to get on film too, and with a shed-load of bangers yesterday from Scotty Ditchburn, Ben Lewis (managed to take his wheel off (with a peg on...) with just a mole grip and a 13mm spanner?), and Robin Fenlon amongst others, Joel stepped it up today with a straight-out-the-door "long" rail. Longest he's ever done, and long enough to get filmed for the roadtrip DVD, so yeah, kudos to him! Expect to see me recreating my steez in the Over The Pond DVD by keeping up the Lurking...

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